Apple Watch Series 2 vs. Amazfit Bip

Watch Series 2
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Basic Info

Suggested Price$269$99.99

Activity & Fitness

Cycling (Bicycling)


Duration18 hours30 days


Windows Phone




Resolution340 x 272 or 390 x 312176 x 176
Size1.5 inches or 1.65 inches1.28 inches


Audio Speaker


Barometer or Altimeter
Ultraviolet Sensor
Water Resistance5ATMIP68




Operating SystemWatch OS

Comparing Bip and Watch Series 2

A brief overview of the two products: the Amazfit Bip and the Apple Watch Series 2 represent two popular wearables on the market, catering to users with different preferences and budgets. Bothoffer a range of features and capabilities to help track daily activities and improve overall fitness.

Choosing the right watch is crucial, as wearables are increasingly becoming popular tools for tracking health and receiving notifications from smartphones. Considering the wide variety of optionsavailable, comparing devices can help potential buyers make an informed choice.

Amazfit and Apple are reputable brands with a history of producing reliable and stylish wearables. While Apple is a pioneer in smart devices, Amazfit is known for delivering value-for-moneyproducts.

This article aims to provide an in-depth comparison between the two products so that readers can determine which device best fits their needs and preferences.

Design and Build

Amazfit Bip

Materials used include polycarbonate casing and anti-scratch Corning Gorilla Glass screen, making the device lightweight and durable. The watch weighs 32 grams, and its 1.28-inch screen has aresolution of 176 x 176 pixels.

Apple Watch Series 2

This device is available in aluminum or stainless steel, and its OLED Retina Display is protected by Ion-X glass. The watch weighs approximately 52.4 grams (depending on the model) and has ascreen size of either 1.5 or 1.65 inches with resolutions of 340 x 272 and 390 x 312 pixels respectively.

Comparison of Design and Build Quality

Both wearables have a sleek design, with the Apple Watch Series 2 offering a more premium finish. While the Amazfit Bip is lighter, the durability of the Apple Watch may be preferable for moreactive users. The Apple Watch Series 2 also has a higher-resolution screen and bigger display options.

Features and Functionality

Amazfit Bip

The operating system of the Bip is based on custom software. It is equipped with sensors such as accelerometer, barometer, and heart rate monitor. The battery life is impressive, lasting up to 30days on a single charge. The watch offers fitness tracking features like step counting, distance tracking, calories burned, and sleep tracking.

Apple Watch Series 2

Running on Watch OS, this device comes with a variety of sensors, including accelerometer, heart rate monitor, barometer, and GPS. The battery life is significantly lower, lasting only up to 18hours. The device offers similar fitness tracking features, such as steps, distance, calories burned, and swimming tracking, which is absent in the Bip.

Comparison of Features and Performance

While both devices offer a range of fitness tracking features, the Apple Watch Series 2 has additional capabilities, such as swimming tracking and downloadable apps. However, the Bip boasts alonger battery life. Users who prioritize extended battery life may prefer the Bip, while those who seek a full-featured smartwatch might opt for the Apple Watch Series 2.

User Interface and User Experience

Amazfit Bip

The Bip offers a simple user interface that includes display, navigation, and customization options. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones for syncing data and receivingnotifications.

Apple Watch Series 2

This watch features a more comprehensive user interface, complete with Appleā€™s digital crown for easy navigation, customizable watch faces, and a multitude of apps available for download. However,it is only compatible with iOS smartphones.

Comparison of User Interface and User Experience

While the Amazfit Bip offers a more straightforward user experience, the Apple Watch Series 2 provides a more engaging and customizable interface. Users who prefer simplicity might choose the Bip,while those looking for a richer experience may opt for the Apple Watch Series 2.

Price and Value

Amazfit Bip

At a price of $99.99, the Bip offers excellent value for money with its fitness tracking features and impressive battery life.

Apple Watch Series 2

With a starting price of $269, the Apple Watch Series 2 offers more features and a higher-quality build, but at a higher cost.

Comparison of Price and Value

For users on a budget or who prioritize battery life, the Amazfit Bip offers incredible value. However, those willing to spend more for a feature-rich and premium experience might choose the AppleWatch Series 2.


After comparing the design, functionality, user experience, and price, the choice between the Amazfit Bip and Apple Watch Series 2 ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities. TheAmazfit Bip offers great value with its impressive battery life, while the Apple Watch Series 2 provides a premium and feature-rich experience. By considering these factors, users can make aninformed decision to ensure their final choice meets their specific needs and lifestyle.

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