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Basic Info

Suggested Price$599.99$799

Activity & Fitness

Cycling (Bicycling)


DurationUp to 9 days7 days


Windows Phone




Resolution218x 218240 x 240
Size1.1 inches1.2 inches


Audio Speaker


Barometer or Altimeter
Ultraviolet Sensor
Water Resistance10ATM10 ATM




Operating SystemWear OS

Comparing Fenix 5s Plus and Fenix 5s

When considering a high-quality sports watch, Garmin is a leading brand in the industry. Two notable models by Garmin are the Fenix 5s and the Fenix 5s Plus. Both offer a range of features that cater to fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. Before purchasing, it’s essential to compare these devices to determine which best suits your needs.

Founded in 1989, Garmin has established an exceptional reputation for creating reliable and innovative GPS and fitness devices. With a continuing commitment to provide superior quality products, Garmin has become a trusted name in the world of technology.

In this article, we will delve into the design, build, features, and performance of both watches, as well as user interface, user experience, price, and value. By exploring these aspects, we aim to provide comprehensive information to help you make the best decision when choosing between the Garmin Fenix 5s and 5s Plus.

Design and Build

Garmin Fenix 5s

Materials used in the construction of the Fenix 5s include a stainless steel bezel, fiber-reinforced polymer casing, and silicone straps for added comfort. It has a 1.1-inch display with a screen resolution of 218 x 218 pixels. The weight varies depending on the choice of band, with the silicone band version weighing 67 grams, and the metal band version at 120 grams.

Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

The Fenix 5s Plus features a similar build to its predecessor with stainless steel, fiber-reinforced polymer casing, and silicone straps. However, it has a slightly larger 1.2-inch display and a higher screen resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The weight also varies depending on the choice of band, with the silicone band version weighing 65 grams, and the metal band version at 125 grams.

Comparison of design and build quality

Both devices have a rugged yet stylish design with durable materials. The primary differences lie in the size and screen resolutions, with the Fenix 5s Plus offering a larger display and a more explicitly detailed screen. While visually similar, their slight variations in display and weight may influence personal preferences.

Features and Functionality

Garmin Fenix 5s

Key features of the Garmin Fenix 5s include its wearable operating system, heart rate sensor, 9-day battery life, and fitness tracking capabilities for steps, distance, calories, sleep, oxygen, heart rate, and various activities. Activity tracking caters to swimming, cycling, and more. It is also compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, offering Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

The Fenix 5s Plus offers similar functionality with some enhancements, including a 7-day battery life, upgraded GPS, and the Wear OS operating system. Fitness tracking capabilities remain consistent with its predecessor, and compatibility extends to Android and iOS devices. The Plus model incorporates additional features like music storage, contactless payments through NFC, and access to a broader range of apps.

Comparison of features and performance

Both the Fenix 5s and 5s Plus offer a robust set of features for fitness enthusiasts. While the two models share many similarities, the Fenix 5s Plus stands out with enhancements like music storage, contactless payments, and a broader range of apps. However, the Fenix 5s does have a slightly longer battery life, which may be a decisive factor for some users.

User Interface and User Experience

Garmin Fenix 5s

The user interface of the Fenix 5s includes a color display, touchscreen navigation, and compatibility with smartphones for notifications and app control. The device also offers audio speakers, a clock, phone functionality, and vibration alerts.

Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

Similarly, the Fenix 5s Plus provides a color display with touchscreen navigation and a suite of compatible smartphone features for communication and notifications. The device also comes with audio speakers, a clock, phone functionality, and vibration alerts.

Comparison of user interface and user experience

Both devices offer seamless user interfaces with touch navigation and comprehensive smartphone integration. The primary differences are their respective operating systems and the availability of additional apps for the Fenix 5s Plus. Due to these factors, users may find the Fenix 5s Plus to be slightly more advanced in terms of user experience.

Price and Value

Garmin Fenix 5s

With a price of $599.99, the Garmin Fenix 5s offers various features and functionality suitable for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. The value for money is excellent, given the range of features provided.

Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

At a higher price of $799, the Fenix 5s Plus provides additional functionality and improvements, together with the same reliable performance from its predecessor. The increase in price can be justified by the enhancements and added features for those willing to invest in a premium device.

Comparison of price and value

Both devices offer excellent value, providing a wide range of features to help users achieve their fitness goals. The decision between the two models will ultimately depend on personal preferences and budget constraints. The Fenix 5s Plus, with its added features, may be more suitable for those seeking a more advanced device, while the Fenix 5s provides a lower-cost alternative with excellent functionality.


In comparing the Garmin Fenix 5s and Fenix 5s Plus, the choice comes down to individual preferences and intended use. While both watches offer exceptional performance and features, the Fenix 5s Plus stands out with additional capabilities and a slightly larger, more vibrant display. However, those seeking a lower-cost option may find the Fenix 5s to be more than adequate for tracking and monitoring fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which device has better battery life?

The Garmin Fenix 5s has a longer battery life, lasting up to 9 days, whereas the Fenix 5s Plus lasts for 7 days.

Does the Fenix 5s Plus have more apps than the Fenix 5s?

Yes, the Fenix 5s Plus has access to a more extensive range of apps, thanks to its Wear OS operating system.

Are both devices water-resistant?

Yes, both the Fenix 5s and 5s Plus are water-resistant up to 10 ATM, suitable for swimming and other water-based activities.

Which device has better screen resolution?

The Garmin Fenix 5s Plus has superior screen resolution compared to the Fenix 5s, with 240 x 240 pixels against the 218 x 218 pixels of the Fenix 5s.

Do both devices support music and phone functions?

Yes, both the Garmin Fenix 5s and Fenix 5s Plus support music and phone functions, offering audio speakers and compatibility with smartphones.

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