Garmin Vivosmart vs. Garmin Forerunner 45

Forerunner 45
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Basic Info

Suggested Price$170$199

Activity & Fitness

Cycling (Bicycling)


Duration7 days7 days


Windows Phonen/a




Resolution128 x 16208 x 208
Size1.41 inches1.04 inches


Audio Speaker


Barometer or Altimeter
Ultraviolet Sensor
Water Resistance5 ATM5 ATM




Operating Systemn/aBuilt-in

Comparing Forerunner 45 and Vivosmart

When it comes to the world of fitness trackers and smartwatches, Garmin is a leading brand that is known for its high-quality products. Two popular choices from this brand are the Garmin Forerunner 45 and the Garmin Vivosmart. Each of these devices offers different features and functionalities, catering to various needs and preferences.

Choosing the right watch is crucial, as it can help improve your fitness journey, track your progress, and enhance your overall experience. Both Garmin Forerunner 45 and Garmin Vivosmart are designed to provide users with accurate, helpful, and relevant information to meet their fitness goals.

Garmin has established itself as a reputable brand in the industry with a history of creating innovative products. Known for their reliable and accurate devices, Garmin has built a solid reputation among fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In this comparison, we will delve into the design and build, features, user interface and experience, as well as the price and value of the Garmin Forerunner 45 and Garmin Vivosmart, to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build

Garmin Forerunner 45

The Garmin Forerunner 45 features a durable and lightweight design, making it suitable for various activities. It has a 1.04-inch color LCD display with a 208x208 resolution, providing clear and vibrant visuals. The watch is made of high-quality materials including a silicone strap, polymer casing, and chemically strengthened glass for the display.

Garmin Vivosmart

On the other hand, the Garmin Vivosmart boasts a sleek, slim design that sits comfortably on the wrist. It features a 1.41-inch OLED display with a 128x16 resolution. The Vivosmart’s materials include a rubber strap, aluminum casing, and a polycarbonate screen for added durability.

Comparison of Design and Build Quality

Both the Forerunner 45 and the Vivosmart have unique design qualities that cater to different user preferences. The Forerunner 45 has a more traditional, sporty appearance, while the Vivosmart offers a minimalist, discreet look. In terms of display quality, the Forerunner 45 has a higher resolution, providing crisper visuals. However, the Vivosmart’s OLED display delivers deeper blacks and higher contrast. Additionally, both devices have water resistance up to 5 ATM, making them suitable for various activities including swimming.

Features and Functionality

Garmin Forerunner 45

With built-in GPS, the Garmin Forerunner 45 offers a wide range of features and functionality, including:

  • Operating System: Built-in
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, barometer/altimeter, heart rate monitor
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days
  • Fitness tracking: Steps, distance, calories, heart rate, sleep, cycling, and swimming
  • Additional features: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, email, texts, and music function

Garmin Vivosmart

The Garmin Vivosmart offers an array of features, although lacking built-in GPS:

  • Operating System: N/A
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, heart rate monitor
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days
  • Fitness tracking: Steps, distance, calories, sleep
  • Additional features: Bluetooth, email, texts, and music function

Comparison of Features and Performance

When comparing the features and functionalities of the Forerunner 45 and Vivosmart, it becomes apparent that the Forerunner 45 offers more comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities, including cycling and swimming tracking. Both devices offer decent battery life at up to 7 days of usage. The Forerunner 45 also boasts Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS, features absent in the Vivosmart.

User Interface and User Experience

Garmin Forerunner 45

The Forerunner 45 offers a user-friendly interface, with easy navigation through its touchscreen capabilities. Additionally, the watch supports app customization and compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

Garmin Vivosmart

Similarly, the Vivosmart provides a seamless user experience through its touch-sensitive display. It also supports compatibility with Android and iOS devices, but does not offer app customization options.

Comparison of User Interface and User Experience

Both devices provide pleasing user experiences with their easy-to-navigate interfaces. However, the Forerunner 45 has an advantage with its app customization and compatibility with smartphones, offering users a more personalized experience.

Price and Value

Garmin Forerunner 45

Priced at $199, the Forerunner 45 offers multiple features and better customization options, delivering good value for money to those seeking a comprehensive fitness tracker.

Garmin Vivosmart

At $170, the Vivosmart offers a more affordable option, but lacks certain features such as GPS and app customization. Nevertheless, it still provides basic fitness tracking capabilities that cater to those with simpler needs.

Comparison of Price and Value

Ultimately, the choice between the Forerunner 45 and Vivosmart depends on the user’s needs and budget. The Forerunner 45 offers more comprehensive features, making it suitable for fitness enthusiasts or those wanting a more customizable experience. The Vivosmart, on the other hand, offers basic fitness tracking at a lower price point, suitable for casual users or those on a budget.


Upon comparing the Garmin Forerunner 45 and Garmin Vivosmart, it is apparent that each device caters to different preferences and requirements. For users seeking a comprehensive fitness tracker with GPS functionality and app customization, the Forerunner 45 is the preferred choice. However, for those who mainly require basic fitness tracking and have a limited budget, the Vivosmart remains a viable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which device is more suitable for swimmers?

The Garmin Forerunner 45 is more suitable for swimmers, as it offers swim tracking capabilities, unlike the Garmin Vivosmart.

Is there a significant difference in battery life between the two devices?

Both the Garmin Forerunner 45 and Garmin Vivosmart have battery lives of up to 7 days, making their battery performance fairly similar.

Are both devices compatible with smartphones?

Yes, both the Garmin Forerunner 45 and Garmin Vivosmart are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Which device has built-in GPS?

The Garmin Forerunner 45 is equipped with built-in GPS functionality, which is not available in the Garmin Vivosmart.

Can I customize the apps on both devices?

App customization is only available on the Garmin Forerunner 45, whereas the Garmin Vivosmart does not offer this feature.

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