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VivoActive 4
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Basic Info

Suggested Price$349$299

Activity & Fitness

Cycling (Bicycling)


Duration8 days5 days


Windows Phone




Resolution260 x 260390 x 390
Size1.3ionches1.2 inches


Audio Speaker


Barometer or Altimeter
Ultraviolet Sensor
Water Resistance5 ATM5 ATM




Operating SystemWear OSWear OS

Comparing Venu and VivoActive 4

The Garmin Venu and Garmin VivoActive 4 are two popular smartwatches designed for fitness enthusiasts and everyday users alike. Both products are manufactured by Garmin, a reputable company known for its expertise in GPS technology and wearable devices. In this article, we will delve into the details of these two models to help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right smartwatch is crucial, as it can help you track your fitness progress, receive notifications, and stay connected to your smartphone. Garmin is a well-established brand, with a long history of producing high-quality GPS devices and wearables, earning their customers' trust and loyalty.

Throughout this article, we will provide a comprehensive comparison of the Garmin Venu and VivoActive 4 in various aspects such as design, features, user interface, price, and value. Let’s dive in.

Design and Build

Garmin Venu

The Garmin Venu features a sleek and lightweight design, with its case made from fiber-reinforced polymer and stainless steel bezel. The watch weighs 46.3 grams and has a 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a resolution of 390x390 pixels.

Garmin VivoActive 4

On the other hand, the Garmin VivoActive 4 has a robust and sporty appearance. It is made from the same fiber-reinforced polymer material, and its stainless steel bezel gives it a durable feel. The VivoActive 4 weighs slightly more at 50.5 grams and features a 1.3-inch MIP touchscreen display with a resolution of 260x260 pixels.

Comparison of design and build quality

Both devices share similarities in their overall design, such as fiber-reinforced polymer construction and stainless steel bezels. However, the Garmin Venu is slightly lighter and has a more premium look, while the VivoActive 4 leans more towards a sportier design. The Venu also has a more vibrant AMOLED display, whereas the VivoActive 4 has a more efficient MIP display.

Features and Functionality

Garmin Venu

The Garmin Venu operates on Wear OS and comes with various sensors, such as heart rate monitor, GPS, accelerometer, barometer, and more. Its battery life is up to 5 days, and it offers numerous fitness tracking features, like steps counting, sleep tracking, and workout tracking. The Venu also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and phone functionality, allowing for seamless connectivity and synchronization with your smartphone.

Garmin VivoActive 4

Similar to the Venu, the Garmin VivoActive 4 also runs on Wear OS and boasts an array of sensors for accurate tracking. With a longer battery life of up to 8 days, it is perfect for users who prioritize longevity. The VivoActive 4 shares many fitness tracking features with the Venu, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. It also provides phone functionality, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity options.

Comparison of features and performance

While the Garmin Venu and VivoActive 4 share many features, the most significant differences lie in their battery life and display technology. The Venu offers a vibrant AMOLED display but has a shorter battery life (5 days), whereas the VivoActive 4 has an energy-efficient MIP screen and lasts longer (8 days). The choice between the two depends on the user’s preferences for screen clarity or battery life.

User Interface and User Experience

Garmin Venu

With its crisp AMOLED display, the Garmin Venu offers an intuitive user interface for easy navigation. Users can customize the watch face, access various apps, and experience seamless compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones.

Garmin VivoActive 4

The Garmin VivoActive 4 provides a user-friendly experience with its MIP display, easy-to-navigate interface, and a range of customization options. Like the Venu, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and offers app accessibility for additional features.

Comparison of user interface and user experience

The Venu and VivoActive 4 offer similar user interfaces and experiences, with the main difference being the screen technology. The Venu’s vibrant AMOLED display may provide a better visual experience, while the VivoActive 4's MIP screen allows for more efficient battery usage.

Price and Value

Garmin Venu

At $299, the Garmin Venu offers a stylish design, excellent display, and a range of fitness tracking features, making it a suitable choice for users who prioritize aesthetics and display quality.

Garmin VivoActive 4

Priced at $349, the Garmin VivoActive 4 offers a longer battery life, a durable design, and similar fitness tracking features as the Venu. This smartwatch may appeal to users who prefer a more robust appearance and longer battery life.

Comparison of price and value

When comparing the Garmin Venu and VivoActive 4, the choice ultimately depends on personal preferences. The Venu offers better display qualities and a more elegant design, while the VivoActive 4 focuses on battery life and durability. Both devices provide an array of similar features, making each a solid investment.


Ultimately, the decision to choose between the Garmin Venu and VivoActive 4 boils down to personal preferences in design, battery life, and display quality. Both devices offer a wealth of features and provide an excellent user experience, making either smartwatch a valuable addition to your wearable collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Garmin Venu or VivoActive 4 better for fitness tracking?

Both devices offer similar fitness tracking features, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and workout tracking. The choice between the two depends on your personal preferences for design, battery life, and display quality.

Which device has better battery life, the Venu or VivoActive 4?

The Garmin VivoActive 4 has a longer battery life of up to 8 days, compared to the Venu’s 5 days. The VivoActive 4's MIP screen contributes to its longer battery life due to its energy efficiency.

Which smartwatch has a better display, the Venu or VivoActive 4?

The Garmin Venu has a more vibrant and sharp AMOLED display (390x390 pixels), while the VivoActive 4 features an MIP display (260x260 pixels) that is more energy-efficient but less visually impressive.

Are both the Garmin Venu and VivoActive 4 waterproof?

Yes, both the Garmin Venu and the VivoActive 4 have a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, making them suitable for swimming and other water-based activities.

Are the Garmin Venu and VivoActive 4 compatible with Android and iOS smartphones?

Yes, both the Garmin Venu and VivoActive 4 are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, allowing for seamless synchronization and app access.

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