Fossil Q Grant

Fossil Q Grant

Suggested Price: $175 Buy Fossil Q Grant

The Fossil Q Grant still stands as of March, 2019 as one of the best Smart watches on the market. Fossil offer the Smart watch for as low as $175. Don't miss out on your Q Grant, buy it now before it sells out.

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Fossil Q Grant

The Fossil Grant is another great activity tracker from the Q series. The Grant's gorgeous and stylish look is classic Fossil, yet its ability to track activities makes it one of the most interesting sports watches on the market.

The Grant is an analog watch-activity tracker hybrid. Based on the watch's classic face, you wouldn't expect it to pack so much punch when it comes to tracking fitness. However, it does and it offers wearers so much more whether going to work, a night on the town or a walk.

Why do you need it?

First and foremost, the Fossil Q Grant is a watch and it doesn't give wearers a digital display or touch screen.

You won't get bogged down with annoying alerts popping up every second. While the Grant gives you important notifications like emails, text messages and WhatsApp alerts through vibrations, it doesn't let you respond through the Grant. No touch screen means you still need your smartphone and you won't look like a fool speaking into your wrist on a night out.

As a watch, the Grant can be worn anywhere and pairs well with casual work attire or outfits for a night on the town. Its fantastic look strays from the bulky, plastic appearance that many fitness trackers on the market possess.

As a watch first, the Grant won't show you any fitness tracking data on the face. You will need to use the companion smartphone app to view your performance. But the separation between the two keeps you from having a futuristic piece of plastic stuck to your wrist.

The elegant Grant is another fantastic option in the Q series, and watch aficionados that want a fitness tracker included will love its smart design and features.


Compared to similar watches that go for a classic look paired with a fitness tracker, the Grant is still very much old school. The Grant is still set manually by the dials on its side rather than digitally.

The pedometer inside the Grant counts your steps and estimates calories burned when paired with the smartphone app. Although basic compared to Fitbit, wearers of the Grant are going for style over fitness. The activity tracker is really a bonus when it comes to the elegant Grant.

One of the best parts of the Grant is the lack of a touch screen. You will still get all of the alerts and notifications you expect, but distraction is minimal. You will need to use your smartphone to check your messages, so having your attention taken away during a meeting won't happen.

Final verdict

The appearance of the Fossil Q Grant puts it at the top of most watch-activity tracker hybrids. The ability to set it like a real watch is also one of the aspects that makes the Grant so cool.

If you want a great looking watch first and an activity tracker second, the Fossil Q Grant is for you. The Q series has some fantastic looking smartwatches on the line now, and the Grant is just another great timepiece from the American company.

Basic Info on the Q Grant

Suggested Price $175
Release 2015

Activity & Fitness

Cycling (Bicycling)


Duration 7 days


Windows Phone
Mac n/a
Windows n/a




Color n/a
Resolution n/a
Size n/a
Touch n/a
Type n/a


Audio Speaker
Vibration n/a


Barometer or Altimeter
Ultraviolet Sensor
Water Resistance 3 ATM




Operating System n/a

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